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איה קווין Aya Queen

"When humor and BDSM met" Paid queens Sexless Location: Ramat Gan Thu: 11am - 8pm

Aya Queen Queen Paid - a little on me

Paid Queen in the field of BDSM (Professional Paid Queen). Conducts high-level, light-hearted professional seduction (sessions).

Enjoy the sessions and convey the experience in a very safe and fun way.

Likes to fulfill fetish fantasies but without sex and / or nudity (from my side).

There is a pre-paid multi-kingdom option only!

The sessions are delivered in a discreet and private apartment in Ramat Gan. The place is not filmed and / or recorded. Please note that this is a legally operated business that issues invoices by law.

I am Aya Quinn, as one of the paid queens, delivering light seduction sessions or alternatively more powerful and cruel but always with a smile and caring in my well-equipped apartment (and always renewed with a modern and challenging accessory).

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Types of sessions

Proactive session

Face-to-face sessions.

You arrive at my apartment, have a brief introductory call of 10-15 minutes and then begin the pre-set session. Love to answer whether your body or your mind. To take you and make you indulge in me with every breath, petting and slap. You will bow to me because you want it and that is the way you believe it to be right and not because I said but because it is your natural place. You will ask me to punish you just because it is exciting and make you happy to feel pain or humiliation because you know this is the only way I will give you attention. You will do whatever it says to you and even more just to win my smile and pat your face.

Virtual BDSM sessions

The session are performed by phone conversation, WhatsApp Video Call or WhatApp voice messages

Do you deserve to hear my voice whisper to you how zero you are? Humiliate you more and more? Or do you just want to tell me what your fantasy is and pave a story together? This is the kind of session suitable for Cockhold lovers, humiliators and more. Here I basically allow myself to tell and describe things to you in detail just like in the book and dive in with you for special and personal stories. Each of these examples (and there are other examples) that enter the virtual session field.

Bdsm talks

Calls for unloading or counseling and suitable especially when there is no one to turn to or speak.

You come to me and have a conversation for about an hour, no session, no special clothing requests and the payment is even reduced from a psychologist. (Note I'm not a psychologist but just a woman to talk to) I love to hear adventures, special stories and the way you got to know this world. I also share my experience during the conversation (without disclosing names and / or customer details) and answering personal questions that are asked (as long as it does not violate my personal privacy). I invite you for coffee, tea or a glass of water (you can also smoke cigarettes in the room) and sit down, chat and laugh together and maybe come out with some tips from my own experience.

Professional Dominatrix - BDSM and fetish sessions are by appointment only!

Contact me - 0972-587880181 (you can also Whatsapp) unknown numbers will be NOT ANSWERED!!

For special requests send an email to aqueen1506@gmail.com

Aya Queen Professional Dominatrix- Your Opinion

Contact me

BDSM Mistress with tribute, I love doing my sessions with passion in a way that will not harm you for the future, only for a few moments. Mostly I like to hear your fantasies and fetishes. I am NOT naked during the session and there is NO way for sex/ ****job. The location is in Ramat-Gan in a private apartment. for contact: 00972-587880181

  • Ramat Gan, Israel
  • 0587880181
  • Sun-Thu: see banner. Fri-Sat : close Holidays: closed unless notified otherwise.